My first ever experience of “Tootle” ride in Kathmandu.

June 25, 2017 | Blog Post Tech Buzz StartUp Nepal Public Review

Tootle is motorcycle/scooter service that has been launched in Kathmandu few months back but it was initially launched in Android platform so I waited till they rolled out in iOS. Tootle is a mobile App where you can choose “pick up” and “drop off” destination address and the Tootle verified bike rider will accept the booking, it pre calculates the ride cost, timing and total length of ride. So isn’t it cool in Kathmandu where you think public transportation sucks and taxi service is just a loot-tantra. So here is my first ever experience of tootle ride in Kathmandu. Last year in Pune, India I got from my hotel to airport using Ola taxi service. That time I realized it was time saving and cost effective.

Tootle gives Rs 200 free balance for the new users

Its just an experience blog of “Tootle” ride in Kathmandu and nothing about technical depth and market analysis information. It was a lazy Saturday for me and we were having sports meet-up in our office. So I decided to have tootle ride from my apartment to office. I stay in Fulbarimargh in Bhaisipati. Last night I downloaded the app in my iPhone, and surprisingly it gave me Rs 200 credit as a bonus. So I decided to have experience and utilize the credit they provide.

My first ride was 6.2 Km and it cost Rs 81.
Tootle pre calculates the distance form pick up to drop off destination with cost to take the ride.

First of all, there is a signup process where your phone number is used as verification and it takes 30 to 90 seconds to get registered. Like other app it asks the permission to access the gps. After the successful login you are eligible to book a ride. I quickly played around before I booked the ride. And it has a pretty much nice user friendly UI. To book a ride you just need to set “Pickup Location” in-fact the map pin points your location you either can choose your current location or nearby location. After you choose pickup location similarly you need to choose “Set Drop Off Location”, you can choose from the map where you want to go, the list of places is also available in list view, you also can search places like you search for places in google maps. I set my location and my office building as the destination of my ride, the app calculated the total distance and cost to ride, it was around 4.2 km and the amount was Rs 81, so isn’t it cheap as you think. You can choose when should the rider come to pickup like asap,15 min later, 30 min later, an hour later etc. After I confirm my first ride, I got a call from Tootle office to get verified that I really need the service or not. I didn’t felt offence to give my information and confirmation, after few minutes my ride was accepted by the ride and the rider come to pick me up at the prescribed time. In my case the tootle staff itself was a rider for me, but the plan of tootle is far more beyond having own staff, you can be a rider partner and earn money.

For my ride I choose to pay from my balance as it gave me Rs 200 for free. You can choose to pay on cash as well, meaning that you don’t have to top up / load the balance in the App. However there is eSewa to load balance on it. After the booking was confirmed the App generates a Code which you need to pass to the rider so that he can confirm the end of ride and claim money. There is five star rating for rider and as well as for the people who are taking service. Though you have a means to raise a complaint about the issue during the ride but its you who need to be cautious about the service and the decision to take ride by looking at the condition of motorbike/scooter and how the rider is.

The “Tootle” operator Hyperloop Nepal claims as an IT company not a transportation service company, so it doesnot handle the issue of accident, fake acceptance, insurance of Tootle bike rider.
I enjoyed the ride with my mask and sunglass, it will definitely work!